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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a metric, represented as a percentage, that indicates how effectively a manufacturing asset is utilized.  OEE software expresses this metric as a factor of machine Availability, Performance, and Quality. This provides a universal comparison metric for industrial equipment regardless of the type of asset or process.

Let’s break down the elements that go into creating OEE data.

Availability is the percentage of a machines scheduled time that it is operating:

Availability = Productive Time divided by Scheduled Time

Performance is the efficiency of the production process expressed as a percentage of the actual process time:

Performance = Standard (Expected) Process Time divided by Actual Process Time

Quality is the number of good parts compared to the total number of parts produced:

Quality = Good Parts divided by Total Parts

With that in mind, let’s dive into 3 Easy Steps to Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Freedom OEE Manufacturing Software Benefits

FREEDOM® monitors machine Availability utilizing the machine, user, and system-generated events. Our OEE Software tracks machine cycle times as well as an asset’s plant operating time and delay times.

FREEDOM® calculates an asset’s Performance by comparing the automatically collected machine data and data input by the operator with the standard (expected) process. 

FREEDOM® calculates an asset’s Quality by comparing the number of confirmed good parts recorded to the total number of parts produced.

FREEDOM® reports OEE data related to when the machine is running and gives you a snapshot of how efficient your operation is performing. This gives manufacturers data that will allow them to make decisions that will help them, and their machines, be more productive.

FREEDOM® reports allow users to see a number of ways to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The Day Breakdown is a waterfall chart that presents production gains and losses for the current day to give you a snapshot metric of your current productivity. The Biggest Losses chart presents the areas that have had the most impact on non-productive time for the last week, month, or any customizable time period. Seeing unplanned downtime, alarms, and events can ensure operations run as effectively and efficiently as possible, producing high-quality parts, as quickly as possible with no stop time.

Investing in the right OEE software can help boost the bottom line, expand the customer base, and enhance an organization’s competitive edge. World-class operations run at 85% OEE or better. The FREEDOM™ Smart Manufacturing Platform can inform your team just how close you are to that target and which aspects of your operations are holding you back from exceeding it. You’ll be able to drill down into the OEE reports to see if it’s the availability, performance, or quality metrics influencing your OEE score, and respond accordingly.

What if you could increase OEE by just 1%?

Small increases in OEE can have a big impact on your bottom line. Take our OEE calculator for a spin to see what a 1% increase in OEE can mean for your operation.

The Freedom Platform in Action

Our enterprise platform consists of real-time dashboards built on OEE data collection software.

Try our platform’s 30-day free trial or request a demo today.

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