Translating Data into Dollars

Understanding run rates, uptime, and other KPIs is key to running an efficient operation, but how do those numbers really impact your bottom line?

Our  e$CORE® Metrics effectively monetizes your gains and losses, based on user-defined parameters, so at the end of the day, you can quickly understand whether you are making money or losing money at an operational level. If you’re making money, you can investigate what tweaks, if any, might feed those gains. If you’re losing money, you can identify what fixes, in which categories, will provide the most value, in real dollars.

Freedom - Asset Availability

Beware the Burden Rate

By assigning a real-time burden rate to each machine, users can view the AMT span-time category gains or losses (for things like plant shutdowns, operational delays, process delays, and repair times) in terms of dollars. Reports allow you to focus on overall operations, or drill down to see whether a specific machine made or lost money and the reasons behind the gain or loss. It guides you to exactly what you need to focus on in order to guarantee your efforts and resources are being applied to those areas that will have the most significant financial impact to your operations.

The Freedom® Platform In Action

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