Other Freedom® Smart Modules

Sometimes You Need More Freedom

The Freedom Platform provides 5 complementary Smart Manufacturing Modules that can be easily integrated with MES, ERP, and other systems, that allow you to drive even greater value from the Freedom Platform.

Provides a collaborative, real-time process for communicating work order priorities and job status between the planning department and the shop floor.
Offers an intuitive and streamlined process for recording user defined Critical Characteristics (CC’s) of in-process parts. Feedback is given in customizable graphs for each defined CC, including Xbar R, Cp, Cpk, and others.
Creates a visual and electronic notification system for process abnormalities or material replenishment. This module can be set up to alert management, maintenance, or other personnel of a quality or process problem.
When manufacturing processes are performed manually by operators, such as deburring, welding, or hand layup of composites, it changes the mechanism by which critical process data is extracted. This module enables collection of non-automated (manual) manufacturing operations through the use of bar code scanners.
Enables a streamlined process for asset maintenance by integrating The Freedom Platform’s automated event classification with your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). What follows is richer information regarding the maintenance process, such as mean time to respond, diagnose, and repair.