Benefits & ROI From Real Time Production Monitoring Software

The Value of Freedom®Production Monitoring System

Freedom means many things to many people. But the foundation rests upon capabilities that are asset agnostic, control agnostic, and even process agnostic. FREEDOM works anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

The machine monitoring software from FREEDOM gives you the liberty to connect to any industrial asset, while undergoing no additional special engineering or set-up delays. Deploying FREEDOM is minimally invasive (no PLC Ladder or NC modifications needed) and is equally easy to maintain.

What good is real-time production monitoring if it can’t get the right information to the right employee at the right time? FREEDOM can be configured to send condition-based text and email notifications that quickly alert the proper personnel about data that is important to their role whether they’re on the plant floor, in the office, or outside the four walls.

Real Time Data Collection

Our manufacturing data collection software provides real-time collection and analysis of important manufacturing data that can be accessed on any web browser from any device. On a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you can have complete visibility of your historical and real-time operations. 

Regardless of machine type, control type, or process, FREEDOM is a manufacturing software tool that can liberate data from any industrial process to provide valuable insights related to your production.  FREEDOM gives you the benefit of real-time production monitoring no matter where your people are or what your machines are doing.


Do you know what just a 1% increase in OEE would mean for your shop?

Calculate Your ROI

The FREEDOM™ Machine Monitoring System Platform customers have documented productivity improvements of up to 50%. With the FREEDOM™ Smart Manufacturing Platform, ROI can be realized in 12 months or less, and ROA can also dramatically increase.

Use this ROI calculator, fill in the highlighted areas, and take the first step. If you need help, a FREEDOM™ Platform Specialist will be in contact to help walk you through it.



Freedom is its own reward

From the shop floor to the top floor, the FREEDOM® Smart Manufacturing Platform provides access to the information your operational team needs to keep things moving forward.

Plant Manager

  • Increase Production Output on Existing Assets
  • Offset the Shortage of Talent
  • Improve Productivity Up to 50%
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Dramatically Increased Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Reduce Inventories Through Total Cycle Time Reduction
  • Increase Product Margins and Profits
  • Provide Immediate Real Time Results

Quality Manager

  • Integration to Quality Systems which automates Quality Data entry making the process inherently faster and error free
  • Probe / Quality Data Capture
  • SPC Module
  • Historical View of Good Parts, Bad Parts

Maintenance Manager

  • Detailed Alarm / Alert and Event Information in Real Time
  • Email / Text Notifications
  • Integration with CMMS
    • MTT Respond
    • MTT Diagnose
    • MTT Repair
  • Extended Data for Machine Health

Shop Foreman and Operators

  • Easy to Use
  • Automatically Captures and Organizes Machine Data
  • Downtime and Idle Time Reason Classification
  • Minimizes Amount of Manual Effort
  • Real Time Status of Machine Performance and Shift Performance

IT Departments

  • Web Based
  • Light Architecture / Footprint
  • Easy to Deploy and Support
  • Certified Secure