The Difference between Home-Grown Solutions and Smart Manufacturing Technology

An operating platform is a foundation to manufacturer’s entire infrastructure. Depending on what systems are in place, these applications work together by sharing data which give manufacturers real-time visibility that enables instant decision-making. So, what’s holding manufacturers back from implementing smart manufacturing technology?  Let’s take a look.

Time and Resources

Using home-grown machine monitoring solutions to manage operations takes a substantial investment in time and resources. To be successful, you will need a dedicated IT team to get the system up and running. Your IT team will also be required to maintain and improve this system as your company grows and productivity goals change.

Implement FREEDOM™ Smart Manufacturing Platform

When you implement FREEDOM™, you save your business valuable time and resources that enable your team to focus on business growth and machine productivity.

“Build Home Grown Solutions OR Buy a Smart Manufacturing Platform” shows the benefits of implementing a smart manufacturing platform like FREEDOM™ vs. creating and maintaining a system in-house.

FREEDOM™ is quick to implement, easy to use, and simple to maintain. The platform provides real-time insights of all assets directly from your shop floor – machine performance, production activity, quality metrics, and availability. These valuable insights inform managers of where production losses are occurring and why—and enable quick, informed reconciliation of issues.

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