Statistical Process Control (SPC) Smart Module

Freedom® to Take Control

An SPC system is an important quality tool for any manufacturing operation. Variations in the manufacturing process typically result in increased cost of production because of excessive waste and lost man-hours due to rework or scrap. This can result in poor productivity. The Freedom Platform’s SPC Smart Module gives manufacturers who don’t currently have an SPC package implemented, a simple, streamlined way to begin tracking the quality of in-process parts.

Anything from the depth of a hole to the diameter of a bore to the length of a cut can be captured and compared against the statistical tolerances set for that operation. When dimensional trends deviate from nominal, users can investigate and take action right away, instead of making scrap.

Points to Success

To make things easier and better understood, each noted characteristic is mapped in customizable graphs for each defined Control, including Xbar R, Cp, Cpk.

Who Needs to Know?

Quality Managers


Shop Foremen


Plant Managers