Manual Operations Smart Module

Freedom® for the Boots on the Ground

Even with today’s advanced manufacturing systems, in some industries, up to 70% of manufacturing operations can involve some form of manual process. This makes automatic data collection more difficult and susceptible to human error. Not so with this Smart Module.

Using bar codes and bar code scanners, operators can trigger start time, end time, breaks, work orders, and other user defined points in the production cycle. Basically, this Smart Module brings manual operation information into The Freedom Platform. The resulting data can then be used to determine utilization, availability, and performance of those processes which are being done manually (such as deburring, welding, or hand layup of composites) in order to capture, analyze, and identify the root cause of inefficiencies.

Freedom on Demand

As a highly custom application, this mod can be programmed to fit into any manual process, from welding to deburring – virtually any manual process on your shop floor.

Who Needs to Know?

Plant Managers


Asset Managers


Shop Foremen


Project Managers