Control the Flow of Information

Plant Managers, Quality Managers, and Production Supervisors all need insights, but each of them needs something different.

As part of the core Freedom® Platform, intelligent, customizable, real-time machine monitoring dashboards, can be created by each user. The real-time dashboard feature allows users to specify any of the elements currently available within The Freedom Platform (machines, time periods, reports, as well as Extended Data) and pull them onto a single page canvas in order to create a display of actionable information that is most relevant to their role. Other information such as pictures, websites, hyperlinks, and work order instructions can also be embedded.

Real-time dashboards are also often utilized to create Andon Screens for your Shop Floor.

Key Features Include:

  • Design Layout and Editor Tool

  • Drag & Drop Dashlets

  • Embedded Data (Images, Text, Hyperlinks)

  • Fully Configurable

You can even customize parameters, such as machine(s), time frame, refresh rates, along with a host of other options. We can also integrate these parameters with SMS and email alerts.

Find the Right Form for the Right Function

New real-time machine monitoring dashboard capabilities are continually being created and added to the Platform based on customer feedback. We can also suggest existing templates for the particular needs of your operation, function, or title.

Who Needs to Know?

Executive Management

Executive Management

Plant Managers


Maintenance Managers


Production Managers


Quality Managers


Shop Foremen