How Automation Technology Protects Your Competitive Edge

Over the past decade, the manufacturing industry moved from reactive to predictive data analysis to monitor equipment, extend asset lifecycles and manage overall profitability. Today, the future is trending toward the use of advanced analytics applications that enable manufacturers to intelligently meet increased demand for customized products created at affordable mass-production costs while improving operational efficiency and overall productivity. Are you keeping pace with this shift?

The most fundamental step to keeping up with these marketplace and technological advances is to incorporate smart manufacturing platforms that can seamlessly communicate with all industrial assets and business systems. These asset monitoring systems are manufacturing production management software solutions that automatically collect and analyze data on machine performance, production activity, quality metrics, and availability. Data provided by these systems improves visibility into a plant’s operational efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by showcasing asset downtime trends, where bottlenecks and inefficiencies may be occurring, historical manufacturing patterns, and more.

Smart manufacturing software programs make timely, detailed information available to everyone in the company 24/7, informing actionable decisions.  For example, should a team member utilize the data to uncover a process or a machine issue in real-time, he or she can address and solve the problem much quicker than if traditional productivity improvement processes are in use.

Traditional processes require that manufacturing data be compiled manually into spreadsheets which increases the likelihood of lag time, errors and varying interpretations. Executive level management will review these spreadsheets. Steps are taken to resolve issues after a week or more has passed. This timeline is not an efficient, cost-saving process.

In contrast, automation technology solutions enable managers to identify and address supply chain issues in real-time, reducing downtime and production lags, and increasing overall profitability. Smart, asset monitoring systems also facilitate fast and efficient production, enabling manufacturers to quickly produce a more comprehensive array of quality products that address unique customer needs.

Real-time integration of asset performance data with your enterprise system is vital to increasing overall equipment effectiveness, reducing unplanned downtimes, and protecting your bottom line. This information can be driven to all levels of your company, as well as to supply chain partners, facilitating informed decisions that lower costs, increase output and boost customer satisfaction.

Are you keeping pace with the marketplace, utilizing smart production monitoring software to increase productivity and protect your competitive edge?

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