Freedom Celebrates 5 Years of Improving Manufacturers’ Operational Growth

An increasingly global manufacturing marketplace continues to expand the competitive borders of the manufacturing environment. At the same time, tighter margins, smaller lot sizes, and higher quality requirements demand advanced technical solutions that help organizations achieve lean manufacturing across each stage of the production cycle.

Since 2013, 5ME LLC has provided manufacturers with a web-based software suite that does just that. FREEDOM™ Smart Manufacturing platform delivers real-time collection and analysis of important manufacturing data that is accessible on any web browser and any device, connecting every asset on the shop floor and providing analytics to its users everywhere from the shop floor to the top floor.

As a complete asset monitoring solution, FREEDOM™:

  • Connects and collects data from any industrial asset regardless of brand, age, or process
  • Gathers and analyzes any available IIoT data item from your manufacturing process
  • Provides real-time, automated intelligence
  • Offers real-time, user configurable dashboards
  • Includes multi-user, multi-tenant and web-based platforms (access thru any standard browser)
  • Incorporates condition-based text and email notifications
  • Features out-of-the-box utilization, availability, performance, quality, and OEE metrics
  • Integrates flexible configuration (based on users and user lists; single machines and machine lists; and user-defined delay classifications)
  • Links with ERP, CMMS, and other platforms
  • Holds a “Certificate of Networthiness” from the US Government

For five years and counting, FREEDOM™’s data-driven metrics have helped organizations optimize utilization, improve quality and performance, and maximize profit. Freedom customers report efficiency increases of at least 20% within months of implementation and have also documented productivity improvements of up to 50%.

Contact us today to learn more about how FREEDOM™ can help you boost the bottom-line and advance your productivity goals.


FREEDOM™, a 5ME LLC business headquartered in Cincinnati, OH with a tech center in Detroit, MI, is a spinout of MAG-IAS, LLC. Freedom draws from its more than 200 years of experience and knowledge in operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT) to serve a diverse, global customer base of both fortune 500 and small manufacturers across industries.