CNC Tracking and Monitoring

In this article, we will discuss how your factory can start monitoring and tracking  CNC as well as what CNC means and how it works.

Computer Numerical Control, also called CNC Machining, is a revolutionary machining process. This machining procedure will use pre-programmed computer software to dictate the movements of machinery and tools. It allows factories to be able to track and monitor the signs of various complex equipment for precision, speed, and efficiency.

CNC machining will control machines like Lathes, Grinders, Mills, and CNC routers. Thus, you will accomplish three-dimensional-cutting operations in just a single set of prompts. Additionally, the process will run in contrast and supersede the limitations of manual control in some conditions. The physical regulator will apply where an operator must guide the commands using levers or buttons and wheels.

How CNC Machining Works

At first glance, the CNC control system will look like just a set of standard computer components. However, in essence, CNC machining has unique software programs that set it apart from other computer systems. Thus, you can utilize CNC machining to control, monitor, and track various products based on your requirements.

The CNC system works much the same as a robot. The system will program the desired cuts into the software beforehand. First, the coding in the numerical system will take mechanisms to have no flaws, although there could be errors. Then the tools will be placed using the programmed inputs, and the machine is ready to work.

Why Tracking CNC is Important

Now that we know what CNC is, and how CNC machining works, let’s take a deep dive into why CNC tracking is important, and why your shop floor should be tracking CNC:

Efficient Keypad and the G-code

You will use punch cards for numerical control machines to control the programs. In contrast, you will regulate the programs through a small keyboard for CNC machinery. In addition, the computer will retain the memory for future reference. Excellent programmers have written the codes. Thus, these codes are capable of expansive computational capacity. Best of all, an expert can safely add revised controls to existing ones without any problems.

The machines in CNC manufacturing are controlled numerically with specific software designed to handle a particular object. This language is known as the G-code, and it controls corresponding aspects of the machine-like feed rate, speed, and coordination.

Constant Use with Minimal Maintenance

Unlike Manual machines, CNC machining does not stop when skilled labor takes a break. It will continue its operations for twenty-four hours. You can program and control the device to work according to your requirement.

The machine will automate the manufacturing while you can move to another device. It will thus free up more operators and set more people 

 to do something else, increasing productivity.


CNC machines will have precision and excellent tolerance, unlike manual machines. Moreover, you will discuss the device’s precision capabilities with your CNC machine shop.

Remember, high-precision machines can save lives. Parts created to their specifications will reduce accidents and save lives.


CNC will make sure that the produced part will accurately match the plans. That application that requires strict design guidelines will embrace CNC automation machining, guaranteeing accuracy.

While operating a CNC, accuracy, and repeatability will be possible.


With CNC Machining, you will vary the materials you can choose, unlike the alternatives. 

Talk to your CNC machine shop to find out the materials they have in use. They include plastics, rigid form, phenolic materials, and carving foam.

Simulated Prototypes

You will have the machine create a single prototype when you need one. Furthermore, the computer will let you see the prototype from all angles before production. Then you can either save the prototype or the material and time.

CNC Machine Data Collection

The Freedom Machine Monitoring System platform will equip your team with the machine data collection necessary for optimized utilization. The system will connect and collect data from an industrial asset, notwithstanding the brand or age. Moreover, you will be able to access these results using any browser-based devices like smartphones, desktops or tablets.

More so, you will improve the quality and performance of your machines and root out inefficiencies. Your business will be up and running in no time at all and with a minimally invasive installation that requires no engineering.

On top of all that, you will have an efficient way of maximizing your return on investment. Finally, the Freedom platform will improve your productivity.

Tracking CNC with Freedom

Although CNC machines have numerous advantages, they also have some limitations. Therefore, you will need to balance these disadvantages against the many positive aspects of CNC Machining so that your decision is adequately informed. Whether you will use the CNC machines instead of the manually operated ones will depend on how precise, professional and efficient you want your business to be.

How Freedom helps track and monitor CNC

The Freedom Platform empowers its users through more innovative manufacturing software. Freedom can offer The Freedom Machine monitoring with customizable dashboard alerts through a cloud-enable IoT platform.

The Freedom platform will also enable you to connect, monitor, and track data to improve your quality of service and performance.

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