Advanced Technologies and the North American Manufacturing Landscape

The technology landscape for North American manufacturers continues to grow more complex as new automated, smart technologies are introduced at a rapid pace. Automated, smart technologies are helping manufacturers keep step with this fluctuating marketplace, enabling them to maximize cost, delivery, flexibility, and quality via interconnected solutions that promote rapid flow and widespread use of digital information within and between manufacturing systems.

Successful implementation of new manufacturing technology, however, is no small feat and requires detailed planning, support, and top-down buy-in.

How to Successfully Incorporate a New Manufacturing Technology

As new technologies are constantly introduced, plant owners and managers have much to consider when it comes to determining which solutions are right for their operations. It is critical to understand a solution’s potential effect on direct and indirect processes, as well as how operational changes impact overall efficiency and profitability. Before investing in new technologies, manufacturers must:

  • Establish a clear manufacturing strategy that’s tied to the overall business strategy of each department that plays a role in adopting the new solution
  • Conduct detailed examinations of total cost and pros and cons of potential solutions
  • Develop a thorough implementation plan that defines goals, timelines, and an appropriate budget, helping to ensure that any changes do not cause detrimental production disruptions
  • Identify an appropriate network of support—including connections with technological adoption experts, advisors to help guide implementation, and more

With so many considerations involved in a successful implementation of new manufacturing technology, it’s no wonder companies are looking for vendors that can supply more than a simple standalone solution that delivers localized factory floor benefits. Instead, companies need vendors that can offer the ideal product, as well as systems integration expertise and management consulting services to support both localized automation and enterprise-wide adoption.

FREEDOM™ provides the technology, tools, software, machine adapters, insights, and support manufacturers need to get operations running smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Solutions including:

  • Smart manufacturing production management software that can dramatically increase manufacturing efficiency
  • Both software and hardware machine controller adapters to ensure that any industrial asset, regardless of make or age, can be connected and monitored.
  • Asset monitoring systems that can help companies identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, streamline processes, and improve operational efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Regardless of the brands you run, The Freedom Platform can help you get more from the shop floor to the top floor.

Successful implementation of the right advanced technologies can help boost your competitive advantage, achieve increased flexibility, reduce costs, and cut time to market. Call 513-719-1600 to identify the right solutions to help you achieve the goals of your operation.